is a website football tips was founded by a group of professional players. Name of captain team is Jian Lau, and he is a leader of a group of bettors known across Asia as The “Lucky” 7. They earned that title by earning the equivalent of €124,291,880 in the last three and a half years – all through football betting…

Interface reviews

Simple with red tones but also professional. At the same time it’s popular with all players all over the world with English language. Don’t worry, you will easily get used to this website.

How is the Tips quality?

At BigDealWinner, you’ll even get specific instructions on how to bet…stuff like whether to choose the O/U, whether to pick the home or away team to win, whether to take a first half prop bet…etc…

The impressive 80% win rate based in the last 3 months statistics will help players confidently bet according to the set plan with average high odds 0.70 – 0.80.

You have 2 options to buy tips:

  • €69/ 2 tips for Started.
  • €399/ 31 tips for Committed bettors.


Simple payment and quickly

Fast Email support

Diversity tips (Handicap, BTS, O/U)

High reputation

“Record” Honest

High win rate

Payment can be made directly on the web


Unknow date establish

Sometimes ODD rate too low


Through the above reviews, BigDealwinner have good fidelity and reputable site with no modifications and cheats, monthly win rate> 80% so betting. The “Lucky” 7 Bigdealwinner are here to show you the secrets to their lasting soccer betting succes.

And, you’ll do it all on your OWN terms…making as much as you want, when you want to.