Ipro-sport.jimdo.com provide you with quality predictions from trusted sports analysts, with extensive experience in sports betting, people give Sports Betting which is not entertainment but a real job! At Ipro-sport.jimdo.com you will find predictions for football, tennis, hockey, volleyball, basketball and more. Our team began to exist in January 2009. Their specialists show a stable result over long distances. Sports forecasting is a promising and most importantly profitable direction in the modern world, and therefore Ipro-sport.jimdo.com team will try to be a real assistant for you in beating the Rookie. Unlike other sites, Ipro-sport.jimdo has honest and profitable statistics. You’ll see this in the first days of Signing up for our service!

About the site

Ipro-sport.jimdo has a somewhat simple design, but still gets all the information you need. Join us to learn about this Ipro-sport.jimdo.com page!


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At Ipro-sport.jimdo there is support for both free and paid tips. The charging tips are as follows:

VIP service: 2 good forecasts per day.


  • 1 Day 1000 p 1 Week 3 0 00 p
  • 1 Nov 70 00p

MATCH OF THE DAY service: Ipro-sport.jimdo selects the main and most passable forecast today and sends it to you!


  • 1 Day 1100 p 1 Week 35 00 p
  • 1 May 7500p

GAMER service: Follow the best players, search for predictions on forums. We choose the best forecast in our opinion.


  • 1 Day 1100р
  • 1 Week 350 0p
  • 1 May 7500p

VIP-EXPRESS service: This service is based only on fast events


  • 1 Day 1200р
  • 1 Week 4000p
  • 1 May 8000p

Types of services: This service will attract those who cannot choose between matches of the day, express and VIP. The service includes Daily Match, Gamer, VIP and VIP Express forecasts with interlacing (View stats)


  • 1 Week 4500p
  • 1 May 8500p

Weekly competition service: We select the best forecasts within a week and send them to you!


  • 1 week (1 forecast) 1500pages
  • 1 month (4-5 forecast) 4 0 00p

Product quality

Ipro-sport.jimdo.com offers many football betting tips: Trusse, Talent/Under, and more Both score goals to cater to multiple players. With average odds above 0.85, you will confidently bet according to their plans. According to our statistics, the winning rate is more than 81% in the last 3 months.

This strategy has allowed players to double their bets after each loss, so that the first win will recoup all previous losses plus a win profit equal to the original bet amount. The minimum odds are 2.00, Earn money every month with our tips.


  • Quick and simple payment
  • Fast Email support
  • Diversity tips (Handicap, BTS, O/U)
  • High reputation
  • “Record” Honest
  • High win rate
  • Payment can be made directly on the web


  • Sometimes ODD rate too low
  • There are not many “Handicap Tips”


According to statistics, 98% of players in bookmakers lose more money than they win! This Ipro-sport.jimdo.com is designed to help those who, having decided to try their luck in the game, make a bet, not only want excitement and thrill from risking their own money, but also want to have income from it, and from a beginner betting lover of sports to grow into a professional player, And, it is possible to turn this type of income for yourself into the main type of income.