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Superbettips tips is a site that specializes in random free daily tips with a 90% guarantee of winning. Choose up to 4 and bet as high as possible. If you’re not sure, just sign up for Superbettips’ VIP/VVIP Tips with 99.9% certainty.


The website interface is nothing too striking or eye-catching. But in return, the Superbettips tips page shows a lot of information for you to learn.

Product quality

Each of Superbettips’ tips includes:

  • Describe in detail why each choice was made
  • A risk management strategy determines the probable outcome of one and more events
  • Recommendations on how to distribute your funds among the selected options.

Superbettips offers the most likely outcome of every football match. You will clearly see why the selected football teams or matches must be won and minimize the risk to you.

Superbettips’ team gives you complete details about upcoming football matches. You are not forced to make all the choices of Superbettips. It is your choice whether to bet on the recommended outcome. Superbettips will help you make a decision, which provides real monetary value for you.


At there are 2 types of tips: free and for a fee. Free tips have a 90% win rate, and charging tips are 99%. The charging tip will have 3 tiers as follows:

  • VIP TIPS: Ksh 150 /3 days.
  • VVIP TIPS: Ksh 250 /3 days.
  • Expert tip: Ksh 500 /3 days. also supports many forms of payment such as:

If you have any questions, you can contact Superbettips here:

Phone number: +254725460284

Email: [email protected]

Pros and cons


  • Fast email support
  • Various tips (Handicap, BTS, O/U)
  • There are free and paid tips
  • High reputation
  • Honest “record”
  • High win rate
  • Multiple forms of payment.

Cons: The interface is too sketchy.


Superbettips maintains responsible betting, with discipline in placing Superbettips’ priority bets. With this, Superbettips matches are analyzed with a lot of sincerity