TipstersPortal is the only tipster site built for you, the bettor. Nowhere else offers the transparency we do. From our verification process and unmodified Tipster’s histories to delivering tips to your smartphone so you’re never out of the loop, TipstersPortal is here to help you win big.

Website interface

With an extremely eye-catching interface, all information is arranged very scientifically by TipstersPortal, you will easily find the items you need.

What is the Quality of Tips?

TipstersPortal brings tipsters and bettors together. When you join the TipstersPortal website, you will get unlimited access to hundreds of tipsters from around the world with a verified track record.

TipstersPortal is committed to providing bettors and tipsters with a safe, easy way to meet. When you opt in to TipstersPortal, you are joining a website dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with premium service.

Price and payment

Subscription Prices

Tipster Level

Subscription Type






1 month 49 to 149 EUR
1 day 10 to 29 EUR




1 month 149 to 349 EUR
1 day 29 to 39 EUR




7 days 399 to 699 EUR
1 day 99 to 299 EUR

Minimum Tips

Subscription Type Minimum Number of Tips to be Provided byTipster
1 day 1
7 days 7
1 month 10

If upon expiration of the subscription, the minimum has not been reached, the subscription will automatically extend until the Tipster provides the required number of Tips.

Custom Subscription Plan Guidelines

A Tipster may adjust his offered subscriptions, within certain limits determined by Tipster level.

  • There are two basic types of subscriptions: multiple-day and 1 day.  The minimum period of a multiple-day subscription is 3 days. The minimum price for 3 days of your subscription is 49 EUR.
  • The maximum price for 1 Month is 1000 EUR.

Tipster Fee

40% of the Subscription Price.

Minimum Threshold for Withdrawal of Earnings

PayPal:  50 EUR

Withdrawal Period

We will process your withdrawal request within 7-14 days of receiving your request. In case of conflict between the Rate Schedule and Tipster Terms, the Rate Schedule shall prevail.

By providing us with your PayPal information, you consent to our use of this information to enable us to process your withdrawal request or to otherwise provide services to you.

Pros and cons


  • Fast and convenient customer support.
  • 100% Safe and secure.
  • Easy registration.
  • Hundreds of professional tiptips experts have been verified.
  • Honest, unedited history.
  • Don’t miss a bet.

Cons: There is no hotline support yet.


TipstersPortal makes winning bets easier than ever. With hundreds of tipheads, a complete, unmodified tip history, and a sophisticated verification system, you can be sure that all TipstersPortal tipsters know what makes a great bet.