GMT 0 is an international company specializing in providing professional betting consulting services for the following sports: football sports. BuyScoreTips offers all kinds of football betting tips from Asian Handicap, Total Goals, Fixed Odds and Accurate Even Scores. In order to be able to provide quality, profitable services, BuyScoreTips has special departments made up of the best tips in the world, for each type of betting.

Interface has a friendly, eye-catching and easy-to-use interface, good security, so it is not required to log in and provide personal information. All information is arranged in a scientific, accessible way.

Product quality’s network spans three continents: Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and BuyScoreTips contributors send information right from where the events take place. To provide a prognosis, BuyScoreTips tippers will take into account information such as: the shape of teams, how they play home or away matches, face-to-face meetings, information regarding last-minute changes or injuries, dynamics, loaded programs, competition, the condition of the field at game time, even the weather prognosis for game time. is the first football tipster on the market that can maintain consistent access rates for all types of betting in football. These include almost all types of betting: from Asian handicaps, fixed odd bets (1×2 bets), total goal betting and accurate even-odds betting with the highest returns. The good news is that all tips are guaranteed. For Asian handicaps, the odds are fixed and the total number of goals that BuyScoreTips offers 2x replacement tips for lost tips. And BuyScoreTips’ accurate score provides a guaranteed winning policy system.

Payment offers 4 football tips packages based on the accuracy of tips as follows:

  • 74% accuracy: $1400.
  • 77% accuracy: $1500.
  • 82% accuracy: $1800.
  • 97% accuracy: $6000.

Pros and cons


  • Fast email support
  • Various tips (Handicap, BTS, O/U)
  • High reputation
  • Honest “record”
  • High win rate: 85-99%
  • Supports multiple forms of payment.

Cons: The price is a bit high.


Stop taking betting as a risk and start seeing it as an investment! BuyScoreTips’ stock market approach to betting on football cannot be duplicated, which is what sets BuyScoreTips apart from the rest. In an uncertain industry, be part of something. is in the top 1% of the €100 billion-a-year sports betting industry. BuyScoreTips is an elite group that makes consistent profits betting on sports, and I’m proud to be such an elite. The remaining 99% of the sports betting industry are constant losers; you make the choice of which team you want to be a part of…