6. What are fold bets? The most effective way to play fold betting

Folding (Martingale System) is one of the oldest betting tactics that is believed to have originated in France in the 18th century. The name of this method is based on an English casino owner Henry Martingale, who promoted promote this method positively to your guests. The owner of the casino introduced an effective gambling method for customers, sounding very enlightening. How effective is this method of folding? Can this method be used to earn profits when playing online betting?

The folding method is mainly used by professional gamblers when playing long-term fish (all season) and often betting draw results for a certain team. The reason is that the odds of a draw are usually quite high and based on statistics, there are about 30% of matches ending with a draw. The teams that match this method are usually the team at the end of the season, the position on the rankings is likely to join the Europa League.These are the teams that are not strong but are not under the bottom of the table.

How to play folding betting

If your bet starts at 10$ then your folding process is as follows:

Looking at the image above you can imagine it, but please do it. First, you need to prepare the important steps below to play the game effectively.

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Maximum bet amount max

If you want to start with 10$ the maximum capital you must have is 310$

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For example:   Choose the first bet level: 10$.

1nd bet:   Bet 10$

  • If this time wins, you continue to bet for the next time VND 10$ and keep going, winning every 10$.
  • In case you lose at 10$, then you should raise the second bet.

2nd bet:   20$, which is folded, you double it: VND 10$ x 2 = 20$

  • If this time wins, you bet again at 1 level of 10$.
  • If the 2nd bet is still lost, you raise the 3rd bet.

3nd bet:   Similar to the second bet, you double the previous bet amount, the second time you bet 20$, this time you will bet 40$.

  • Similarly, if this time wins the bet, you bet back to level 1 of 10$.
  • If the 3rd bet is lost, you continue to raise the bet to the next level: 80$.

The loop continues like that.

If you want to place an initial bet with a different amount, you can use the folding calculator below:

Note: You must have a stable source of capital, because if   Your capital is not guaranteed, you will not be able to maintain the betting round when bet at high levels, now you will lose both capital and interest. So you have to know how to manage capital well when you fold the bet.

Psychologically stable

If you are a shy, unstable, insistent and suspicious person, make sure you can’t use this method effectively. Since the amount is increasing after each round of betting, you need to keep yourself a calm, unimpeded mentality whether winning or losing.

Benefits of fold folding bets

If you bet in this way, I guarantee that you will never lose, unless you are too unlucky (if anyone is unlucky to lose to a 5, 6 series in a row right? Clearly rare) when this happens).

I suppose, given that you lose the first match, you lose 10$, the second match you bet 20$. If the second bet you won, you have a profit of 10$ (20$ you bet + 20$ = 40$, minus the first time you lost 10$, then you have 30$ and a half, of which 20$ is the capital and 10$ of the winnings. And so, you keep folding, you lose no matter how much, but if you have only one win, you will have to take back all the capital and get a bonus of 10$. (Here, according to your bet amount, it is 10$, you can bet on the amount that is suitable for the amount of money you intend to invest. If you invest 310$, I think every match you fold 10$, it seems reasonable, but eat less but will eat for a long time and not afraid of losing money.

In case you win consecutively, bet 10$ in a row, you can get 10$ in your pocket, too easily.

Should we play folding bets?

Should we play folded betting, this depends on your ability and the game you are playing. I will analyze some of the conditions you need to play folding bets effectively and safely.

First, you choose the game to apply folding method, this is very important because each game will take your time differently and the dealer gives you the minimum and maximum bet. Suppose the bookmakers (nhà cái uy tín) bet you at least 5K (5,000 VND) for casino and 10K (10,000 VND) for sports. With this low bet, it will be suitable for you to play quickly, because if you lose then you will not lose too much, but winning will win long and have money to spend.

You should play the casino for a time of 1 minute for 1 minute, playing virtual football for 3 minutes per game will save considerable time.

You should determine how many matches your prediction is wrong. Depending on the game, you need to formulate a specific folding strategy.

Once you determine the above issues, calculate the amount of money X increases if the losing bet is how much to make sure it doesn’t run out of capital. It should be noted that there are rare current players using this method with impatient or blind information about the matches they want to bet. Therefore, it is necessary to find out and determine the percentage of winning higher than 50 in each match to continue to fold, if you are an impatient, non-assertive player, then the fold method will not profitable and at the same time it makes you go to the island faster.