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At, you’ll find football betting tips and predictions for every major European tournament weekly to help you build your betting strategy.


The tip page has a simple design, but is confused by too much textual information that causes eye confusion. However, having a lot of information also helps users to learn more about this tip page.

Product quality

Reasons to choose tip page:


The most important value of Kickoff is reliability. Kickoff users and tipsters will be able to confidently choose Kickoff’s services no matter what. By working toward that goal, Kickoff can provide a better experience for both tipsters and those who buy their tips.


Kickoff ensures that kickoff bettors have access to the information they need to place smart bets. Kickoff also provides the tools and resources they need to avoid losses.

Professional knowledge

Kickoff’s team of tipsters has one of the best prediction records of any sports betting site. You can trust Kickoff for kickoff’s expertise and to increase your odds of winning.


The forecast price is among the lowest in this market segment. Kickoff’s mission is to make sure that you earn your stakes without spending a lot of time and effort on it. It is especially worth emphasizing that all information is advisory in nature. To bet or not is just your decision. However, be sure that Kickoff’s advice will always be proven and confirmed by Kickoff’s own experience and reputation . Kickoff has organized work for you and for your well-being, bringing effective results and positive emotions.

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Pros and cons


  • Affordable prices and convenient payment methods.
  • Daily forecast.
  • High hit rate.
  • High cross-country ability.
  • High reputation.
  • Honest statistics and excellent results.
  • High win rate.

Cons: The hotline is not yet supported.


Kickoff’s mission is to build a community of football players who get the best possible results. Kickoff believes that by building this community properly, Kickoff can become the number one sports and football betting tip market in the world.