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Interface has an extremely confusing interface, the information is arranged in a messy way in no order. This makes viewers somewhat uncomfortable and difficult to manipulate as well as find the information they need. However, in return, has support for a variety of languages, in order to reach a large number of users.

Payment supports 3 types of prediction tips: 4 stars, 5 stars, and score tips.

4-star tips:

  • Prepayment: $100/day tip ($100 1 1-day prepaid plan).
  • Pay Later: $150/DAY Tip ($150 1 postpaid day plan).

5-star tips:

  • Prepayment: $200/day tip ($200 1 1-day prepaid plan).
  • Pay Later: $250/DAY Tip ($250 1 postpaid day plan).

Score tips:

  • Prepayment: $300/day tip ($300 1 1-day prepaid plan).
  • Pay later: $350/DAY Tips ($350 1 postpaid day plan).

*DAY TIPS please contact: soccertipswin (@soccertipsw)

Product quality offers many football betting tips: Trusse, Talent/Underage and more Both score goals to cater to many players. With average odds above 0.85, you will confidently bet according to their plans. According to our statistics, the winning rate is more than 80% in the last 3 months.

This strategy has allowed players to double their bets after each loss, so that the first win will recoup all previous losses plus a win profit equal to the original bet amount. The minimum odds are 2.00, earn money every month with our tips.

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  • The win rate is more than 80%.
  • The odds are pretty good.
  • Full history of tricks.
  • Supports many different languages.

Cons: Confusing, sketchy interface.


Overall, it’s a good football betting tips site with high odds of winning. Sign up for today if you want to bet on the best football tips every day, never make the same mistakes again and be in the top 1-3% win with betting. Good luck!