was born in 2011, originated in CROATIA and uses the common language of English, with more than 10 years of experience, the site has provided thousands of professional betting tips with quality. Good deal for football betting enthusiasts around the world. The tips have been studied for a long time, so players cannot miss out on the predictions of Vip-picks In addition, the website also has news sections that identify the latest football matches every day.

Interface and customer support.

The website has a unique interface and vibrant colors but is extremely easy to manipulate. With enthusiastic support and advice through ultra-fast direct feedback, meeting all the needs of customers, those who want to buy this premium prediction just need to click on the “Payment” and follow the instructions.

Odds Tips and odds.

Vip-picks has many different types of football betting: Handicap and OVER/UNDER, with this tip, players can easily bet at any bookie in the world.

With average odds above 0.80, you will get a high return on every bet. According to our statistics, in the most recent months, the win rate is more than 60%.

The notes are very honest with what the website has to offer. Vip-picks offers players lots of tips for different prices:


2 Tips: 149euro

5 Tips: 299euro

10 Tips: 499euro

20 Tips: 799euro

30 Tips: 1099euro

50 Tips: 1499euro

100 Tips: 2499euro


24/7 fast customer support

Quick and simple payment

High ODD rate

High reputation

“Record” Honest


Low win rate

The interface is too simple, not eye-catching


Through the reviews learned above, Vip-picks is an honest and highly reputable site, without modifications and cheats, monthly win rate >50% so betting players can use Vip-picks Tips.